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Global IT management specialist

Who are we?

As a strategic partner, Connectis will work with you to assess your company’s specific IT needs (computers, servers, storage, network, etc.).

The goal is to define your solution, adapted, consistent and scalable. Because your current needs are not (always) those of tomorrow, anticipating them will allow your company to grow with ease and serenity.

Our helpdesk, composed of experienced technicians, is at your service 24/7.

IT Infrastructure solutions

IT park

In every company, the quality of the IT park is crucial, from computers to mobile devices and printers. Connectis helps companies choose the right equipment. To offer the best formula, an audit of the existing assets is necessary to propose the best tools according to your own use and objectives.


The infrastructure is composed of several elements (wired and/or wireless) that communicate with each other. Trust our experts to define with you the solution adapted to your reality.


The server is the platform for operating systems and applications. An incorrectly sized server will cause problems (you may have already experienced this). A high-performance server will be adapted to your specific use: virtualization, databases, CRM/ERP, or customized business applications, etc.

Server virtualization

Server virtualization has revolutionized the way IT infrastructures are managed by splitting the hardware and software renewal cycles. These two components can now evolve separately according to your needs.
Server virtualization also enables better consolidation, high availability, disaster recovery and easier backup operations.


Regarding the exponential increase in data volume, storage has become essential. A suitable solution exists for every purpose.

Virtual Office infrastructure

By virtualizing each person’s computer, the entire infrastructure and all the company’s data can be concentrated in the data center. In addition to the benefits of centralization and security, this solution allows undifferentiated access to data and applications using a single internet connection from anywhere in the world. In other words, it’s like everyone sharing the same office.

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Cloud solutions

Today, it is essential for any company to access its data easily and quickly, anytime and anywhere. The Cloud is therefore the ideal growth vector.


For a high level of security, online backups make it possible to protect the computer data of a workstation or a server. The data is externalized, secured and restorable at any time, from a simple internet connection.

Synchronization & sharing

Companies are required to share larger and larger files. It is natural to want to share them simply and securely, no matter their size. Connectis analyses your company’s needs and proposes the most suitable solution for your use:


Cloud infrastructures allow the expansion of resources with a guarantee of the highest level of availability. Resources can be easily added or removed as needed and server capacity can be expanded at any time. It is as if the applications were physically hosted within your company. They are easily accessible from any device via a simple internet connection.


Monitoring solutions allow administrators to monitor all elements of the IT infrastructure in real time and to have the ability to take preventive action and/or react to machines at any time. This type of platform offers the possibility to anticipate any need and potential problem daily:


Témoignage Gouvernement provincial du Brabant wallon Connectis
We started to work with Connectis two years ago. Since then, the service that has been provided has always favourably met our requirements. Since we have been working with Connectis, we have noted that the problems relating to the e-mail server have become increasingly rare.
The Head of Cabinet
Walloon Brabant Provincial Government
Témoignage SFPIM Connectis
Connectis has installed a reliable and efficient tool for us. We are absolutely delighted with the quality and the reactivity of their service.
IT Infrastructure Manager
Société Fédérale de Participations et d’Investissements (SFPI)
Témoignage Oxfam Connectis
Initially, we got in touch with Connectis for an infrastructure project. Connectis listened to us and made a proposal for the renewal of our IT park. We are very satisfied with the reactivity and the service, and are continuing our discussions about our infrastructure.
ICT Manager
Oxfam company
Témoignage Deltrian Connectis
I have been a client for more than ten years, and Connectis has perfectly met my needs on every occasion. I am delighted with the tools installed and with the team in charge of my account.
IT Manager
Deltrian Company
By calling on Connectis, we were looking for a real 'Partner' service that pays special attention to companies' needs and proposes the most appropriate solution. The Connectis teams are highly experienced and offer an outstanding client relationship, thanks to the quality of service and their optimal reactivity. Each company needs a partner like Connectis, which is devoted to providing the best quality of service and which takes the time to understand our company culture and our situation. Connectis is not only an IT services company, they are our IT partner. I recommend Connectis to any company that wants to improve its IT and which needs assistance in meeting its objectives. Connectis Is THE answer!
IT Manager
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