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Hardware and software solutions related to the world of printing

Who are we?

Despite ecological concerns, a business cannot be run without printed documents.

Nextprint was born in a technological hub et that changes everything.

Dedicated to hardware and software solutions related to the world of printing and document management, NextPrint integrates seamlessly into your overall technology environment. Each solution is tailored to the specific needs of your company and a 24/7 helpdesk is dedicated to you. It’s simple, efficient, and unique on the market.

NextPrint is not only a supplier of hardware and software, it is also a partner who listens to you, analyses your needs and manages everything for you. Easy Peasy.

Hardware solutions

Quality, sustainability, efficiency and ecology. Those four criteria have become essential for companies.

We therefore offer robust and reliable equipment from Konica Minolta.

Software solutions

Time optimisation

Sent by mail or by post, we aim to reduce the time you spend searching for, filing, and processing your documents. Our goal is to set up an efficient and consistent document flow for your incoming paper or digital documents in order to reduce manual processes and to ensure results. More efficient and easier. What else?

Strive to optimize the value of your new equipment

As technological hub, we can bridge the gap and create new links between your IT tools and your printers. Benefit from direct links to Microsoft products, Active Directory integration, network driver management, the setting up of VMs, etc. Once again: more efficient and easier.

Easier management of your printers

By setting up tailored printing permissions: setting user quotas, limiting color printing, security and confidentiality rules, reduce waste, etc. You set the rules and we make them real.

Comprehensive and reliable document search tool

Imagine for a second that you have access to an in-house « Google » search engine: enter a few keywords and, in mere seconds, the system will suggest all the existing elements accordingly. A must-have!


Témoignage CrystalCorp Nextprint
What I like about Nextprint is the attention paid to my needs, the availability of the support and especially the integration with the IT team which allows us to gain in efficiency and productivity. I am very satisfied with their services and will not hesitate to recommend them!
Maxence Degossely
Administrator, CrystalCorp